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Oaxaca 2006 Documents

Items of Interest:


 January 29, 2007 - Intercontinental Cry: The Triquis Inaugurate Their New Autonomous Municipality

 January 27, 2007 - Intercontinental Cry: Torture and Tourism in Oaxaca

 January 6, 2007 - Canada:  Foreign Affairs and International Trade:  Consular Affairs Report on Mexico - Oaxaca

 January 4, 2007 - Report on the Human Rights Situation in Oaxaca, Mexico - Prepared by Robin Alexander


For background on the Trinational Coalition for the Defense of Public Education, please consult the following document:

"A Brief History of the Trinational Coalition", by Dan Leahy

"Breve Historia de la Coalición Trinacional (Español)" por Dan Leahy)

Previous Conferences:

 Conference 2016 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

 Conference 2014 - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Conference 2012 - Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Conference 2010 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Since NAFTA created new links between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada in 1994, education union activists from the three countries have met at a conference every two to three years.  The purpose has been to deepen understanding of the impact of the neo-liberal policies exemplified by NAFTA on public education and to find ways to work together in mutual support of public education in the three countries. 

The 10h conference, which was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in May, 2010, was co-hosted by FNEEQ-CSN (Federation Nationale des Enseignantes et Enseignants du Quebec) and the CSQ (Centrale des Syndicats du Quebec). This conference provided another opportunity to join in this process. More the 260 union representatives and other education activists from several regions in Quebec, Canada, the United States and Mexico participated in this event.

Final Declaration

Declaración final (español)


Inaugural speeches (in original languages only):

Irene Lanzinger, President, BCTF

Julie Washington, Vice-President UTLA

Jorge Cazares en representación de la Coalición trinacional - sección mexicana

Réjean Parent, président de la Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ)

Workshop reports - TBA 

 Conference 2008 - Los Angeles, California, USA

Conference 2006 - Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico