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November 9-11, 2018[New!]- The 13th Tri-national Conference in Defense of Public Education will be held in Orizaba, Veracruz, The theme this year is "Internationalism: a strategy for struggles to defend education as a social right."


May 13-16, 2016- The 12th Tri-national Conference in Defense of Public Education, hosted by the British Columbia Teachers' Federation was held in Vancouver, BC at the University of British Columbia,


May 9-11, 2016- The 11th Tri-national Conference in Defense of Public Education, hosted by the Chicago Teachers' Union was held in Chicago, Illinois. The theme of the conference was, 20 years building alternatives to neoliberal politics in education.  (Veinte años Construyendo alternativas a la agenda neoliberal)."


May 17-19: - The 10th Tri-national Conference in Defense of Public Education will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, May 17 - 19, 2012 at Centro de Educación Continua – Unidad Allende del IPN, en el Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México.


May 7-9: - The 9th Tri-national Conference in Defense of Public Education will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 7 - 9, 2010

The conference will be co-hosted by FNEEQ-CSN (Federation Nationale des Enseignantes et Enseignants du Quebec) & CSQ (Centrale des Syndicats du Quebec), and will be held on the campus of UQAM (Universite du Quebec a Montreal), which is located in Downtown Montreal.


 Vancouver Press Release re: Oaxacan Strategy meeting and LA 2008 Conference Planning Session

 Trinational Coalition in Defense of Public Education Establishes Internet Presence

As of January 28, 2007, we are on the web...please visit us when you are looking for information on any of the Trinational issues - and don't forget to tell your us about the kinds of information that you'd like to see available here on our website.

 Turf face-off may be in store for L.A. schools (April 7)

 Destroying Public Education in America (April 7)

April 18 - 20: - 8th Trinational Conference hosted by  the UTLA (United Teachers of Los Angeles):

UTLA Building
3303 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, California

February 11, 2008 - "The Corporate Surge Against Public Schools" and "Exterminating Public Education" by Steven Miller and Jack Gerson

February 8, 2008 -  Mexican (SNTE) Section 22's latest demand statement (Spanish Version) The document will hopefully be translated into English soon, but has been summarized as follows:

...the document states many of the concrete injustices coming from the corrupt, official SNTE--Elba Esther Gordillo empire and restates the position of Oaxaca's Seccion 22. On February 9 a Statewide demonstration occured and on February 29th it will be taken to Mexico City for a massive demonstration....

The demands in the document are those that have not yet been met since 2006 - removal of Governor Ruiz, recognition & respect for Seccion 22 (and for APPO), restoration of placement in jobs,  and meeting of the original demands - increase in salaries, support for students, etc.


December - Mexican Labour News and Analysis (Volume 12, Number 12).  Articles on current developments in Mexico.

December 7 -  - Workshop Requests for 8th Trinational Conference in Los Angeles (Deadline has passed - all workshops have been set!)

November 28 - - Ontario Federation of Labour passes resolution in support of the teachers in Oaxaca

November 27 - - Article: "Remembering the Repression, Refreshing Our Spirits: On the One-Year Anniversary of the Police Occupation of Oaxaca City, the Popular Assembly is Still Fighting" - By Nancy Davies

November 26 -  - Letter of Invitation to the 8th Trinational in Los Angeles

November 7 -  - Article on the Trinational from the United Teacher (United Teachers of Los Angeles publication) by Rosemary Lee.

September 22, 2007 - Letter to Alice Lovelace (National Field Organizer - U.S. Social Forum)

August 22 Article "Mexico After The Elections:  The Crisis of Legitimacy & The Exhaustion of Predatory Neoliberalism" by Alejandro Alvarez that analyzes Mexico post elections from Monthly Review. Besides being a Cmdte. in the Batallon de San Patricio, Alejandro is a faculty member at UNAM and a long time supporter of the Trinational Coalition for the Defense of Public Education.

August 9 - Political Declaration Of The Popular Assembly Of The Peoples Of Oaxaca.

July 26 - Tri-national Conference Planning Meeting Meeting at Education International Congress, Berlin Germany.  Minutes

July - The latest edition of Socialism and Democracy,Issue #44, July 2007 has articles on Oaxaca by Gustavo Esteva and Lynn Stephen.  You can order this publication at info@sdonline.org or call Victor at (617) 776-9505. 


May - The Board of Directors of the Seattle Education Association and their representative assembly passed a resolution of support this year to the tune of $2,000, plus some interest in in-kind sponsorship, like host families to house the visitors for the 8th Trinational in Los Angeles in 2008.


March 23 - 24 -The Mexican Section of the Trinational has its "Congreso" in Mexico City. Invitation from Pedro Hernandez from the Collegial Commission of the Mexican Section. Photos

April 25 - Oaxaca Update

March 7 - Appeal from Jill Freidberg, who was in Oaxaca. She asked us to send in our organizational support for Radio Planton.

February 27 - Los Angeles County Federation of Labor amends prior resolution on Oaxaca resolution to request that the ILO to investigate the situation of Section 22 in Oaxaca. The amendment passed unanimously. It reads: "the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, requests that the International Labor Organization investigate the violations of the ILO conventions of the right to organize and the right to freedom of association of our union brothers and sisters in Oaxaca, Mexico".


February 22 - The Mexican Section of the Trinational submitted an appeal on February 22, 2007 to the United Nations Human Rights Commission asking that it to intervene in on-going human rights violations perpetrated by the Mexican federal government and the Oaxaca state government.

February 19 - Oaxaca: Campaign to Free "Los Olvidados" - Political Prisoner Political Prisoner Felipe Sánchez Rodríguez

January 31 - Mexican (CNTE) Section 22's State Assembly Notes

January 31 - Motion passed by United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) Iin support of the teachers of Oaxaca.

January 31 - Oaxaca - links

January 29 - Intercontinental Cry: The Triquis Inaugurate Their New Autonomous Municipality

January 27 - Intercontinental Cry: Torture and Tourism in Oaxaca

January 27 - Oaxaca Update

January 25-29 - Oaxaca Strategy Conference held in Vancouver, BC, CA.


Agenda                                           Strategic Options                Press Release                Oaxaca Action Resolution
LA Planning Discussion Minutes                                                Article on Vancouver sessions by Derrick O'Keefe
Group Photo, More Photos

January 6, - Canada:  Foreign Affairs and International Trade:  Consular Affairs Report on Mexico - Oaxaca

January 4 - Report on the Human Rights Situation in Oaxaca, Mexico - Prepared by Robin Alexander

January - Raquel Cruz Manzano (Secretary of Professional Matters of the CES in Oaxaca Mexico) visits and speaks in Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, London about the situation in Oaxaca. Documents:  full text of presentation


December - A Political Report about the Presence of the International Brigade of Observers in Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca

April 1-2 - 7th Trinational Conference held in Oaxaca de Juárez, OA, MX.


Declaration of Oaxaca de Juárez , México

of Rosemary Lee from UTLA Los Angeles sharing pictures of  my students in Los Angeles with students from the school in Guelatao de Juarez, Oaxaca which we visited during the Trinational conference in April, 2006


May - 6th Trinational Conference held in Toronto, ON, CA.


October - Trinational promoted the first "Hemispheric Day in Defense of Public Education."

January - Trinational Coalition together with the Red SEPA and the Continental Alliance organized in Porto Alegre, Brazil to place public education on the formal, plenary agenda of the World Social Forum.


April - Red SEPA makes presentation at FTAA negotiations in Quebec, QC, CA.



November - 5th Trinational Conference held in Zacatecas, ZA, MX.  Reports/Documents on IDEA/Red-SEPA website


- 4th Trinational Conference held in Santiago de Querétaro, QT, MX.

November - Forum leading to the creation of the Red SEPA or the Civil Society Network for Public Education in the Americas.


August - Forum on Standardized Testing at Law School at Mexican National University

April 17-19 - Meeting of the Latin American Studies Association, Continental Plaza Hotel, Guadalajara, Mexico. Article:"The Meaning and Scope Of The Struggle For Autonomy", by Gustavo Esteva (Independent activist and intellectual, Oaxaca, Mexico)


- 3rd Trinational Conference held in Vancouver, BC, CA.  Reports/Documents on IDEA / Red-SEPA website.


- 2nd Trinational Conference held in Morelia, MI, MX.

February - Conference to Organize Mexican Section of Trinational held in Mexico City, DF, MX


October - "North American Public Schools Commission" Conference in Zacatecas, ZA, MX. Concept of the "Trinational Coalition for the Defense of Public Education" was proposed and accepted as a conference goal by the three main countries with participants (Mexico, Canada and the USA). Each country was to organize “sections” in each country made up of state or provincial unions from the three nations.


January - 1st Trinational Conference held under the name, "The Future of Public Education in North America" Conference in Olympia, WA, USA.  (Participants were from education unions from Mexico, The Caribbean, Latin America, the USA and Canada). The conference creates the idea of the "North American Public Schools Commission" and generates the "Olympia Declaration."